Northwest Arkansas

Noroeste de Arkansas

Is Northwest Arkansas the best place to live and do business?

If you did not already know, Northwest Arkansas currently ranks fourth in America's "Best Places to Live" survey.

Over time, this area has grown into an advanced metropolis, thus attracting new businesses and investors and causing significant change.

Currently, three Fortune 500 companies have their world headquarters here: Walmart, Tyson Foods, and JB Hunt. Additionally, more than 1,500 Walmart vendors are located in NWA.

Walmart is the world's largest company based on its annual turnover of $ 534.7 billion. It is also the largest private employer globally, with a total of 2.2 million employees worldwide. Additionally, it employs 1.3 million people in the United States.

Tyson Foods Inc ranks second in the world in processing and selling chicken, beef, and pork. Tyson Foods Inc is also the top exporter of beef in the U.S. The company generates $43.18 billion in revenue each year.

JB Hunt is a logistics company with an annual turnover of 9,165 billion USD and a total of 29,056 employees


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