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Edward Touceda PLLC is your best ally in finance, a CPA in Springdale, Arkansas, capable of improving financial opportunities for individuals and businesses.

Our mission is to provide services that are accessible to a diverse range of clients by meeting the different needs they may have in the area of business and finance.


Our goal is to promote the growth of companies using our knowledge and applying it professionally.

Our philosophy is based on honesty, credibility, commitment, and respect. Our top priority is to create a bond of trust with our clients to provide them with the support they need.

We have over 25 years of experience working in this field, international experience in first-line companies, and we prepare more than 200 tax returns per year. You can count on us to continue helping you grow.

A CPA's knowledge, experience, and ability to respond to various problems can significantly improve your future.



My name is Edward Touceda and I am a Certified Public Accountant licensed in Arkansas and Argentina. With over 25 years of experience in the United States and Latin America, I have the pleasure of being the founder and CEO of Edward Touceda PLLC, CPA. Our firm was founded to provide the knowledge and professional assistance that companies and individuals require to grow.

I worked at IBM for more than two decades, occupying various managerial and executive positions in the financial area. This broad experience led me to work in several countries.

It has been my privilege and honor to belong to an organization of international prestige like IBM. My last position involved overseeing a team of 150 employees in 7 countries.


I aim to use all that experience to assist companies and individuals through accounting and tax advice, financial planning, and business consulting. These services are available both nationally and internationally to anyone needing assistance, whether they reside in the United States or Latin America.

That is my commitment.

Edward Touceda PPLC at Univision

You can count on Edward to receive the most important, professional, and reliable information.

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- Budgeting and forecasting services

- Audit services

- Payroll services

- Accounting services

- Tax preparation for companies

- Business consulting

– Business creation